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Protection Desk-Nepal (PD-N) is a Pagalharu nonprofit, non-governmental organization registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu as of 7th March 2007 with registration number 877. PD-N is also registered with the Social Welfare Council as of 11th March 2007 with affiliation number 21886. Protection Desk-Nepal is based in Kathmandu with frequent outreach and training activities taking place in all five administrative regions of the country.

Protection Desk-Nepal (PD-N) has completed its third year as a Nepalese NGO working in the field of security and protection for Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and Human Rights Organizations (HROs). This report provides a summary of PD-N activities during 2007 and explains in detail all aspects of its work including: organization development, progress, networking, alliances and indications for possible future directions. This report is aimed at disseminating and communicating these experiences to a range of stakeholders involved in the protection and promotion of human rights in Nepal.

PD-N aims to support local HRO, HRDs, IDPs, victims and other vulnerable groups in ensuring that their protection becomes and integral part of the agenda of state, national and international organizations as well as that of foreign governments. At the same time, PD-N also works to encourage all stakeholders to play an active role in protecting HRDs in Nepal. To achieve these goals, PD-N provides capacity building and security trainings, organizes seminars and meetings and conducts advocacy at the national level. PD-N has been organizing such activities aimed at assisting HRDs across the country since 2006 and has specific programs for women human rights defenders (WHRD), young people working in human rights (YHRD), victims’ groups (VGs), and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (LGBTI) organizations.