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LGBTI Manual

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PDN :: Activities

  • A minimum of two capacity building and security trainings per month are carried out in Nepal.
  • Meetings, forums and seminars are organized with the aim of gaining deeper knowledge of the situation of particular sectors of the human rights community as have been done already in the case of women and young human rights defenders.
  • Assessment/ outreach trips are carried out in order to continue the process of contextualizing the workshops and to contribute to a wider protection network for HRDs.
  • Ongoing support, assistance and advice will be on offer to support both the groups and individuals as they begin to develop security plans for their organisations and groups.
  • PD-N has been offering on the spot advice and assistance in cases of emergency to a wide number of defenders, witnesses and victims very
  • often co-ordinating responses from other stakeholders in order to ensure the protection of individuals or organisations at risk.
  • Individual and group consultations on capacity building and the development of security plans will continue as part of the core activities of PD-N.
  • Regular meetings will be held with all Key Stakeholders in order to advocate for the continued protection of HRD and other vulnerable groups.
  • Periodic information will continue to be disseminated to stakeholders as to the situation of HRDs in Nepal and recommendations as to possible actions will be made.